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Author Crush: Daniel H. Wilson

If you learn nothing else about Daniel H. Wilson on this blog, know this: The dude knows his robots. He has a PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Melon. That PhD is what makes him dangerous. It's what makes his books so hyper-realistic, plausible, and down-right terrfying. Or in some cases, incredibly informative. 

His Robopocalypse novels will have you shying away from your digital devices for a few days, convinced that AI is a terrible idea and that robots are out to kill us. 

Ever thought having a robotic eye would be cool? Amped might change your mind. 

Wonder what an entirely machine-based world would look like? Explore a robot society where even the grass is mechanical through the eyes of a human boy named Code in A Boy and His Bot.

Nonfiction more your thing? Wilson also has a series of books that can help you survive the robot apoloclypse (How to survive a robot uprising : tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellion), build a robot army (How to build a robot army : tips on defending the planet Earth against alien invaders, ninjas, and zombies), or find your jetpack (Where's my jetpack? [electronic resource] : a guide to the amazing science fiction future that never arrived).

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