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Author Crush: David Petersen

My author crush this month is on David Petersen!  I know I usually spotlight authors that you’ll find in our Teen Novel section, but today I wanted to talk about the author crush I have on an author whose books are in our Graphic Novel section:  David Petersen.    His Mouse Guard books are some of my favorite graphic novels (GN PET in the Library), and he’s also a really nice guy.   Yes, I have met him before, most recently at this year’s C2E2 convention.

Mouse Guard is an Eisner Award-winning series of books about, well, mice.   But seriously cool and fierce mice, who live in a medieval era, and who are part of a brotherhood called the Mouse Guard, who have sworn an oath to protect civilian mice in times of need.    If you’re someone who likes reading about history, especially medieval history with kings and queens and knights, and perilous adventures, then this is your kind of story.  Don’t think for a moment that just because these are mice that the stories are for little kids: these stories are full of harsh conditions, predators, traitors, and danger.  And really cool mice.

Petersen’s illustrations bring this world to life, and you’ll find yourself rooting for the different mice through the series of stories.    If you want to read more about this series, you can visit this site, which has all the information about the books, the characters, and more.

And did I mention that David Petersen’s a really cool guy?   I think I did.   But, if you want to know more about him, he has a blog, where he writes about his art and artistic process, and more.

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