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Author Crush: Kiersten White!

Looking for an author with a range of different types of books to read? Kiersten White writes mythological fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, romance and historical novels (usually some combination of those). How’s that for range? She has both series novels and standalones, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re bound to find something good out of all that she’s written.

Paranormal romance takes a clever turn in White’s first novel, Paranormalcy, which is the start of a trilogy in the same vein as Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As the only human with the ability to see through the paranormal glamours, Evie is unique. She works for the IPCA – International Paranormal Containment Agency – to track down dangerous and deadly supernatural creatures. She doesn’t particularly enjoy her work, but when a deadly string of murders hits IPCA, she must track down the culprit... and figure out the situation with her faerie ex-boyfriend and her current crush, who happens to be a shape shifter.

The Mind Games series is a classic spy-or-die tale with a mind-bending twist. Sisters Fia and Annie have been trapped in a school to be used as spies in corporate espionage, but Fia is no ordinary girl. Her psychic powers make her incredibly valuable to the school, and if she doesn’t continue working for them, they will kill her sister. This series is fast-paced and intense with some interesting twists that will keep the pages turning.

In the standalone, The Chaos of Stars, the mortal daughter of Egyptian gods Isis and Osiris, Isadora, is done with being in the middle of all the family drama. When Isis sends her away to San Diego to live with her brother, Sirus, she thinks she just may have escaped, but bad dreams hinting at the future draw her back into the drama, despite her reluctance, newfound friends, and romance.

In the mood for something historical? And I Darken is an intriguing introduction to the Conquerer’s Saga, a trilogy centered around Lada, the daughter of Vlad Dracul, in Wallachia, in 1435. This series begs the question: what if Dracula was a woman? With history, romance, and politics woven in, Lada’s story begins with being ignored and rejected by her parents, but that only serves to fuel her spite. Bound and determined to prove herself, she grows up to become the fearsome and vicious princess, destroying any enemies in her path to the throne. Though at first Lada is an unlikeable character, her motivation to succeed makes her a standout and leaves a lot of room for development in future books!

While you’re biding your time for Kiersten’s next book, check out her website and Twitter for updates on what she’s working on next. If you can’t get enough of Kiersten White, you might also like Sarah Rees Brennan, Cassandra Clare, and Laini Taylor!

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