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Author Crush: Neil Gaiman

Handsome face and mesmerizing voice and accent aside, Neil Gaiman is one of the most talented authors out there, which is why I have a undending author crush on him

No matter your age or interest, Neil Gaiman has a book for you. Don't believe me? Let's see... Are you a toddler who likes panda bears? Meet Chu. Are you 5 or 6 and occasionally want to sell your dad for two goldfish? Bam! Are you into chapter books and really like milk? Fortunately, the Milk is perfect for you. In Middle School and like creepy stories (or find Lalaloopsy terrifying)? Coraline is your girl. Have you always wondered what it might be like to live in a graveyard and be raised by ghosts? Nobody from The Graveyard Book does just that. Are you a comics junkie? He wrote the entire Sandman series, as well as Marvel 1602. Would you rather read a grown-up version of Percy Jackson? American Gods and Anansi Boys are for you. Like Doctor Who? Guess who wrote an episode in season 7, as well as a short story for the 50th Anniversary? Are you into fairytales? Try Hansel and Gretel. Or Instructions. Or Stardust. Are audiobooks more your thing? He is widely considered to be one of the best audio readers around, and has even won several awards for his reading of The Graveyard Book

If this thorough and stunningly excellent bibliography isn't enough to convince you of his awesome, here are a few facts that should tip you over to team Gaiman:

  • He is married to Amanda Palmer, musican extrodinaire and author of The Art of Asking. He wrote The Ocean at the End of the Lane for her. They do shows together sometimes.
  • He was good friends with Terry Pratchett and even wrote a book with him called Good Omens
  • He did historical research for Alan Moore's graphic retelling of the Jack the Ripper murders, From Hell
  • According to Alan Moore, he has "a dirty mouth in at least seven centuries"*. An admiral trait if ever there was one.
  • He will answer (and has answered) any silly or serious question you could ever ask him about writing, life, the universe, and everything on his tumblr.
  • His books, audiobooks, and comics have won literally dozens of awards including 4 Hugos and 4 Brom Stokers.

Are you convinced yet? Of course you are! Go out and read his many and varied things!

*From Appendix I, Page 6, PAGE 3 of From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell


I also have such an author crush on Neil Gaiman. The way he writes and the way he talks are so soothing, yet undeniably uncomfortable and I love it.

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