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Author Crush: Robin Benway

Robin Benway: funny, music nerd, all-around awesome. Her books will make you laugh, cry, then laugh again so hard that you will start crying. 

Her first book, Audrey, Wait! is about a girl names Audrey who breaks up with her kind of useless boyfriend, only to have him write an anger-fueled break-up song about her that becomes the Song of the Summer. Now she is suddenly the IT girl that every musician wants to make their muse and every reporter wants to interview. Tack on the regular trials of high school, a possible new beau, and an adorably overweight cat, and she is about to have the year of her life. This book is chocked full of music references so good, you won't be able to resist rocking out to them. You can check out the Spotify playlist here.

Also Known As introduces us to Maggie Silver, a 16-year-old international spy who is forced to experience high school for the first time thanks to her first solo assignment in New York City. How is anyone supposed to pay attention in math class, when they could be hacking the school's security system instead?

Her latest endeavor, Emmy & Oliver, brings Oliver home after unwittingly having been kidnapped by his father for ten years. Emmy wants to pick up their friendship right where they left off, but is that possible after ten years apart? Are they the same people? And can Oliver come to terms with the new knowledge that his dad, who he always thought was a good guy, is really a criminal who took him away and on the run for half his life? Check it out to find out!

I fell in love with Robin's writing while reading Audrey, Wait!, and have loved every one of her books since. Check her out. You won't regret it wink

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