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Author Crush: Sally Green

Sally Green is a writing goddess, and I am fully prepared to send her offerings of snack foods and fuzzy blankets, if only to encourage her to keep writing. She only has three books (and two short stories) out so far, but they are AH-MAZE-ING. 

The Half-Bad trilogy is like Harry Potter, in that it is set in England (mostly) in a magical community divided between good (White) witches and bad (Black) witches. Only the White witches aren't exactly good—they're actually sort of horrible—and not all the Black witches are bad—most of them aren't that bad at all. Nathan is an in-between. His mother was a White witch, his father the baddest Black witch to ever live. The White witch community he grows up in never lets him forget that he is half-Black and treats him worse than they would a dog. As Nathan grows up, the tension builds between White witches and the Black witches they have made it their mission to annihilate, and Nathan finds himself smack in the middle of their war. 

The writing is compelling, beautiful, and so heart-wrenching at times that you might find yourself out of breath. Or curled up in the fetal position sobbing on your couch, like I was.

If they don't make these books into movies, I will lose my mind. Or maybe just spam all the movie studios until someone bites wink

Make sure to pick up Half Bad, and keep an eye out for her next book. I know I will!

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