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Author Crush: Victoria Aveyard!

Okay, I admit it – I’m absolutely addicted to the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. The sequels just keep getting better and better; the third book was just released this month (it was fantastic!) and there is another on the way! For those of you who are new to Victoria Aveyard or haven’t heard of her, think Divergent meets Game of Thrones but with superpowers and a strong female lead who takes risks to bring about a change that she, along with many others believe in, despite the unfavorable odds.

Red Queen is the beautifully written first novel in the Red Queen series and is set in a world of underground rebellion and segregation based upon the color of blood. When the world is divided into Red-blooded commoners (Reds) and Silver-blooded royals who possess supernatural abilities (Silvers) is almost impossible to break out of the norm, but when Mare, a Red, manifests latent supernatural abilities in front of the Silver noble court, she is forced into the role of a long-lost princess. Her abilities are unheard of in Reds, but it seems easy enough to act like one of the Silvers, so long as she doesn’t step out of line. Meanwhile, she is engaged to a Silver prince and despite the enormous risks, she works with the Red Guard to bring down the tyrannical Silver regime.

If you’re a lover of prequels, also be on the lookout for Cruel Crown, which collects two novellas – Queen Song and Steel Scars – from two alternate perspectives that take place before Mare’s hidden power is discovered. There’s also The Red Queen Official Coloring Book if you’re into coloring illustrated versions of your favorite quotes, scenes, and characters from the series.

For more about Victoria Aveyard and her upcoming books and events, find her on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and blog!

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