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If you like John Green or Veronica Roth, we've got more authors for you ---

We know it happens: You completely fall for an author, read all of their books (or re-read them), and then wonder if there's anyone else out there that writes books that are just as good.   Well, here at the library, we understand that feeling.  And while we don't try to replace your author crush, we can give you suggestions of other authors to try.  Who knows?  Maybe you'll find a new author to crush on . . . 

If you're a big fan of John Green, you might like books by Rainbow Rowell or David Levithan.   Both of these authors write realistic fiction with characters who are easy to relate to, and they usually have some humor in their books, too.

Veronica Roth fans might want to try books by Lauren Oliver or Ally Condie.  They write suspenseful fiction that feature teen girls, action, a fast pace (and sometimes a little romance along the way).

Teen Read Week is a great time to discover some of these authors or, if you've already read everyone I listed, ask us for more ideas and suggestions.   And -- Wondering what those purple arrows on the floor are for?  They lead from our New Teen Books display to the Teen Novel section.  We want to show everyone our new books, but we also want to show off our fabulous Teen books!  And follow us on Instagram all week for more Teen Read Week!

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