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Well...that was redundant!

I’m not sure if it was the heat, pandemic exhaustion or a misleading title, but the group was not having this book. “Is this even a thing?” was heard many times, as was “this isn’t anything new”. There was no clear thesis, advice or tales of how others did it to help the reader along. Just the message of unplug from the Internet, email, social media and you too can know the joys of doing nothing. As we talked more, we came to a realization. Manners are what’s missing. That’s why people are so stressed out. Very little is so important that one needs to be connected 24/7. Maybe if you’re a doctor, but not the average citizen. We all agreed that social media has become an all-seeing monster with incredible reach. But the advice to “just unplug” is not new, and it’s not practical. The group came to the conclusion that there is no one right answer, and it certainly wasn’t in this book.

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