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Murder Among Friends

Our Picks for 2016 Mystery Books

MAF 2016 Books graphic

A stalwart group of MAF members met Thursday night to pick out which mystery books we'll be reading and discussing in 2016. It was a hard job, because we had a large number of really good books to choose from. We also reached decisions on whether to continue to follow Hank Phillippi Ryan's Jane Ryland series, and on continuing to have a Masters of Mystery selection (where we've been reading books by the great names in Mystery writing). The group voted yes on both these issues, so we will be reading the next Jane Ryland book, What You See, and the first Rex Stout book Fer-de-lance featuring the legendary Nero Wolfe & Archie Goodwin.

We also are trying a new twist in 2016: "Doubled-Up Month". Since both husband & wife authors, Andrew Grant & Tasha Alexander, are next year's local Guests of Honor at the LIMCON (mysteries and more Chicago Convention)  -- we are going to read the first book by each of them in the same month. One of the books will be ordered, and we'll interlibrary loan the other book.

I will be contacting different authors about participating with us on their books. There will be another post when I've confirmed which book we'll be reading for each month. For now, we are posting the titles, and their authors.

And so, without further ado, & in no particular order -- here are the books we'll be reading in 2016:

Author Title
Stout, Rex (Mystery Master) Fer-de-Lance
Alexander, Tasha / Grant, Andrew And Only to Deceive / Run (Doubled-Up Month)
Box, C. J. Open Season
Burke, Alafair Long Gone
French, Tana In the Woods
Hannah, Sophie The Monogram Murders
Krueger, William Kent Ordinary Grace
Larsen, K. J. Liar, Liar
Rader-Day, Lori The Black Hour
Ryan, Hank Phillippi What You See (Jane Ryland series #4)
Thompson, Victoria Murder at Astor Place


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