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Pokémon Club Reading Program

What is the Pokémon Club Reading Program?

This is a way to encourage members of our Library Pokémon Club to read more (or even more) amazing books. Participants will be able to log books, write about them, and then earn fun Pokémon-related prizes. It's a kind of like a mini-Summer-Reading-Program that goes all year, but with Pokémon. To get started, you can use this link.

Wait. Back up. What is Pokémon Club?

Pokémon Club is a place for aspiring trainers (ages 5 - 12) to gather, learn, and have fun at the Library. What we actually do during Pokemon Club changes every time. Usually, we play a few Pokémon-themed games and have time for trading, socializing, and playing with friends. During some Pokémon Clubs, we use Pokémon to learn about the real world. In recent Pokémon Clubs, we've learned about the principles of bouancy by designing Pokemon ships, learned a little about archeology by digging out a fossilized Pokémon, and even had a visit from bat experts.

I'm not familiar with this Pikachu fellow. What is Pokémon?

Pokémon started as a videogame in which players catch and battle with a huge assortment of strange and adorable creatures, called Pokémon. It has since grown into a broad franchise featuring books, movies, graphic novels, shows, and even mobile games. Believe it or not, it's been around for more than 20 years now, so now both kids and parents (and a lot of other people) are Pokémon fans.

Happy reading, everyone!

You can click the link to go to or click below.


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