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My Library Rewards

My Library Rewards is a reading incentive program that promotes literacy, learning and community engagement among you, your local library and businesses in your area. With My Library Rewards, you can earn discounts at local restaurants and businesses just for checking out library materials.

Beginning September 1, 2019, visit or download the My Library Rewards iOS or Android app to sign up for this free program. You will need your library card and an email address. Be sure to select all libraries (that are listed) where you use your card so you can earn points for your checkouts.

There are three main steps when using My Library Rewards:

EARN POINTS:  Each physical item you check out is worth 10 points, and you can earn a maximum of 100 points per week. Your points never expire so you can use them as you get them, or save them for a rainy day.

FIND DISCOUNTS:  View all available offers on the My Library Rewards website or app (use the location finder by inputting your zip code). You may use your points at any of the listed establishments. Each offer is only valid at the location listed.

GET REWARDS:  Redeem your points for discounts. Once you redeem an offer (by pressing the “redeem” button), you have seven days to use it. Most businesses will accept either a printed coupon or the digital coupon on the app; however, if they only accept one format, it will be noted on the offer. Coupons may only be printed once. If you want to use the digital coupon, you must activate the coupon, at which time you will have two hours to use it before it expires. The word “valid” flashes when the coupon is active.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I link multiple library cards together under one My Library Rewards Account?

Yes! You can link up to four cards under one account. If you need to link more than four cards, please complete the My Library Rewards contact form on the My Library Rewards website. (You can only link cards via the My Library Rewards website; this option is not yet available on the app) You can link cards together anytime by visiting the “Settings” tab on your My Library Rewards account.

What happens to my My Library Rewards account if I get a new library card number?

If you are issued a new library card number, you can log into your My Library Rewards account to update your library card information. You can also contact My Library Rewards to have them update your account on your behalf.

Can reciprocal borrowers sign up for My Library Rewards?

Yes, reciprocal borrowers are eligible to sign up for My Library Rewards. You will earn points only when you check out materials from libraries that offer My Library Rewards.

How many points can I earn by checking out library materials?

You will earn 10 points for each physical item you check out (at this time, this program does not include digital media like e-books, e-audior, or hoopla check-outs). You can earn a maximum of 100 points per week. If you have linked library cards under your My Library Rewards account, you will have a combined limit on points you can accumulate. For example, if you have two library cards under your My Library Rewards account, you can accumulate a maximum of 200 points per week no matter which of the two cards you use at checkout. There is no cap as to how many points you can earn over the life of the program, but you can only earn up to 100 points, per card, per week.

Do my points expire?


Who do I contact if there is a discrepancy with my points?

If you have any issues with your points, please contact My Library Rewards directly. Lisle Library District does not have access to award or fix any errors.

Since my library is in Lisle, can I only redeem offers for businesses in Lisle?

No, you can redeem any of the offers listed on the My Library Rewards website or app.

How do I redeem an offer? How long is an offer good once I redeem it?

You must hit the “redeem” button to redeem an offer. Most businesses will accept either a printed coupon or the digital coupon on the app. However, if they only accept one format, it will be noted on the offer. You may only print the coupon once. Once you redeem an offer, it is good for seven days. This is communicated once you press the “redeem” button. If using a digital coupon on the app, you must activate the coupon. At that time, the digital coupon will expire within two hours. The word “valid” flashes when the coupon is active.

How can I get my business involved with My Library Rewards?

If you own a business and would like to be part of the program, please contact My Library Rewards.

777 Front Street Lisle, IL 60532 | Phone: 630-971-1675 | Fax: 630-971-1701 | Hours: M-F 11:00am-9:00pm, SAT 10:00am-5:00pm, SUN 1:00pm-5:00pm