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Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind by Reed Farrel Coleman

On Monday, March 2nd, the Booked for the Day Book Group met to discuss, Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind by Reed Farrel Coleman.  Here are some of the comments readers made during our discussion.

  • Everyone in the group enjoyed the book. We were not sure how it measured up to Robert B Parker’s original books since no one had read them.
  • We thought it was an easy read plus everyone liked the short chapters, it gave the impression of a fast pace novel with lots of action.
  • Some members commented that they felt that they got to know the characters and that they were well developed and their dialogue believable.
  • We thought this book gave the character of Jesse Stone a good second chance at life.
  • One member mentioned that there was enough of a plot to make it enjoyable and she liked how there were no lose ends. We find out what happens to everyone and the good guys win. The line dividing good versus evil was clearly well-defined.
  • The group thought the beginning of the story was too graphic and unnecessary. It did turn some of us off, fortunately the descriptive violence did not carry throughout the rest of the book.
  • It was mentioned that the book needed some editing. Too many subjects were introduced; racism, alcoholism, PTSD, father/son relationships, neo-Nazism.
  • We thought some of the storylines were predictable and that some things fell into line too perfectly. So at times it was a little far-fetched.
  • One member mentioned that she enjoyed the Jesse Stone TV movies and most of us agreed that it helped to think of Tom Selleck as we were reading the book.
  • The introduction of the son, we thought, would help with new storylines for future books.
  • As for recommendations for this book or if we would read future Jesse Stone novels, the review was mixed:
    • Enjoyed the book but don’t think I’ll read any more of this series
    • Sucker for series, I want to see how the relationship between Jesse and his son develops
    • The beginning of the next book in the back got me hooked.
    • Would recommend to certain people
    • Would read more books as long as the graphic violence is kept at a minimum

These are just a few things mentioned during the discussion. Please feel free to add any of your thoughts in the comment section.​

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